SEO Analysis with Seoptimer

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Seoptimer.com for Google Chrome™ is a handy plug-in for fast and accurate SEO analysis of website. Seoptimer checks all important factors of on page SEO.

Seoptimer.com analyzes your website by checking the most important on page SEO factors. In result you get clear SEO report with best optimization tips.

Using this plugin is simple. When you click on the Seoptimer’s icon, you will immediately get SEO report of your website. Remember that Seoptimer.com allows you to check any pages, not only the home page (categories, posts, tags, archives, etc..)

What does Seoptimer.com check:

- Page title
- Meta description
- Meta keywords
- Meta robots
- Encoding
- Content length in words and chars
- Text to HTML Ratio
- Precise h1-h6 table
- Bolds and strongs
- Images and Alt text
- Frames
- External links and nofollow check
- Internal links and nofollow check
- Existence of Robots.txt
- Existence of Sitemap.xml
- HTTP headers list
- Server IP address
- Name Servers
- Server Geolocation

You can download Seoptimer’s report in PDF file.

Website: http://www.seoptimer.com/