InstantView for YouTube™

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Makes browsing YouTube quicker by opening videos in a popup when their thumbnails are clicked. InstantView also helps reduce the amount of YouTube tabs opened at a given time by allowing you to watch videos on the current page without the fear of losing your place.

• Popup to quickly view videos, playlists, comments, and descriptions
• Mini player (picture in picture)
• Visualizations
• Many different options to customize look and behavior

If you find any bugs, let me know and I'll fix them as soon as I can :)
* Requires Chrome 64+ *

* Google translate was used for translation. Please email or create a new support issue for any corrections that should be made! *
* If you would like another language added, either create a feature request or email me and I will add it as soon as I can *

• Read and change your data on: googleapis.com and youtube.com
• googleapis.com: to retrieve information about the video for the popup (title, channel, likes, dislikes, etc..)
• youtube.com: so the popup can open on youtube
• Storage
• Save user preferences
• Identity (optional)
• Used to subscribe to channels and rate videos



- Added an option to show the video upload date above or below the views
- You can now add keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, next/previous and stop
- Added an option to make the mini player open by default
- Added an option to show the visualizers over the video (overlay)
- Added options to change visualizer opacity, and backdrop color and opacity
- Added a visualizer for the Holidays!
- The last visualizer used is remembered and used by default

- Modal no longer gets stuck if esc is pressed while the mini player is being dragged

- Subscribe to channels and rate videos in the popup!
- Language support
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional)
- Vietnamese
- Korean
- German
- Spanish
- Russian
- Italian
- French

- New design with 2 new themes (revised dark theme and Halloween theme)
- Default text size is now greatly reduced. Compact view option is no longer included
- Playlists are now loaded into the popup correctly (button on top left of the video to browse playlist)
- The mini player is now draggable (resets on page refresh), and also has separate buttons for going back to the popup and closing it
- Comments
- Author is now a clickable link to their channel
- Comments from the video uploader are now highlighted (fake channels with the same name are not highlighted)
- A few new options for customizing the look of comments
- Tab title is now changed to the title of the video while the popup is opened
- Visualizations
- Halloween visualizer
- "Cave" visualizer

- Added a close button on the top right of the mini player
- Redesigned options page
- Added an option for visualizer animation speed
- Should be lowered on monitors with higher refresh rates (120, 144, 165, 240)
- Only affects Iverjo and Plaid
- Fixed problem with video playing while the popup was closed
- If a video starts playing while the popup is closed, the visualizers may stop working. As a workaround, refreshing the page fixes it.
- Fixed videos on youtube.com/feed/music not opening in the popup
- Added a new visualizer: "Dzozef" (dwitter.net/d/2887)