Multiple File Download

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This extension enables the user to select all the documents present in the web page for download.

Many times we encounter situations where multiple files need to be downloaded from a web page. For example, user can download all the files in Coursera lessons in one shot. This would save lot of time.

Multiple file downloader facilitates the same. It scans through the web page and displays all the files, which user can download. User can select multiple files and click download.
It allows user to customize what file extensions should be downloaded in the web page.The user can also add custom extensions using the options page. User can also decide whether files need to be downloaded to default folder set in Chrome browser or prompt for each file.
1) Multi Select files in one go
2) Customise and also add your own extensions to download
The extension scans for hyperlink across the web page. As per the design of the page, the hyperlink can be a button or image or both. So there are chances that duplicate links can appear on the extension.