PhotoTracker Lite

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Fastest one-click search by image in Google.Images, Yandex.Images (uses correct, updated search URL), Bing's ImageMatch and TinEye.com. Helps track usage of your images, finding author of an image, guessing what is pictured on the image, finding by the picture of product more stores online selling same goods, or whatever you can use reverse image search. )

Select your preferred search engine, right-click on image (accessible online, local files and data URL's not supported yet) and select "Look up this pic" menu item or just use one-click search helper icon. It will open new tabs with results.

Check settings to choose how tabs will be opened - as foreground tabs, to let you check results right away, or as background tabs, to let you check multiple pictures on one page before leaving it.

Keep an eye on you search count - we have a small search counter inside! )

version 0.4

+ Added one-click search helper
+ Added menu item for links that linked to pictures
+ Added notification, if no search engines selected
+ Added incognito mode support. No searches counted.
+ Added polish localization
+ Added czech localization
* Remove ability to search by data and file url's.

Version 0.3
+ Added localization ability
+ Added search url localization (ex. yandex.com for english speaking users, yandex.ru for russian speaking)
+ Added russian localization
* Improved stats tracking

Version 0.2
+ Added settings panel
+ Added search results tabs setting (foreground / background tabs opening)
+ Added simple search counter
* Small interface improvements (switch related)

Version 0.1.1: (13.10.2016)
* Changed google.images search url from google.co.th to google.com.

Version 0.1: (13.10.2016)
+ Search in Google, Yandex, Bing и TinEye.