HTML Content Blocker

评分:3.8 | 生产工具 | 75.79KiB

HTML Content Blocker provides an easy UI to quickly block desired HTML contents (JS, CSS, IMG, etc.) on any webpage. To operate, just open the toolbar-popup and click on the desired icon.

Some key features:
1. Enables you to block desired HTML contents.
2. Currently there are 5 items available to choose from (script, style, image, object and media)
3. To deactivate a function, simply uncheck the related item from toolbar-panel.
4. Toolbar badge-text, shows the number of blocked items within each page (changing the tab will change the badge number)

Note: in order to report bugs, please visit the addon's Homepage (http://mybrowseraddon.com/html-content-blocker.html) and fill the bug report form.