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This application puts a pin to the right of your address bar. Click it to pin or unpin a tab. This is useful to people who pin and unpin tabs a lot and hates the lengthy process of right clicking and finding the "pin tab" option.

You can also use the hotkey alt-p to pin/unpin a tab.

Thank you to clker.com for their images of pins:

Also thanks to livibetter who created the application "keep last two tabs". I used his code as a kickstart to make this application.

Created by theQxQ. please comment if you found any glitches or if you have some ideas you want to see in this extension.

Also note that this extensions is unlikely to be updated anymore, but they are open source, so if you really want a feature, you can go ahead and add it. it is also under the mit license, so feel free to fork the code and use it any way you want.

You might also like "close pinned tab" close a pinned tab without right clicking: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jjnlecdojfenkidbfdjejdmajggkegca