SEO Wizard

提供方:Shounak Gupte
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SEO Wizard is a FREE SEO extension which displays all onpage and offpage SEO information to help you make your website better.

Update 06/11/2018: Version 1.5 released.
Main features:
- Indexability check.
- Two word phrases keyword density.
- Useful links.
- Improved performance issues.
- Update to the design.

Update 26/02/2017: Version 1.4 released
Main features:
- Number of JS, CSS & Image files.
- Load time in seconds.
- Page size in MB.
- Right click keyword density of selected words.
- Improved performance issues.
- Update to the design.

Update 28/08/2016: Version 1.3 released
Main features:
- Social Media Count.
- Improved performance issues.
- Update to the design.

Update 24/01/2016: Version 1.2 released
Main features:
- Push notifications disabled by default.
- Right click word count.
- Highlight nofollow, dofollow, internal, external and broken links.
- Alexa Rank.
- Domain age.
- IP address and nameserver details.

Update 21/11/2015: Version 1.1 released
Main features:
- Get HTTP Status code of the URL.
- Get keyword density of the text on the page.
- Get notified about major onpage issues like URL blocked in robots.txt or meta robots, wrong canonical URL etc on the page.
- Turn on/off notifications.
- Turn on/off plugin on certain domains like google.com, facebook.com etc.

Update 17/10/2015: Version 1.0 released
Main features:
- Get the meta information like Title, Meta Desctiption, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots, Canonical Tag.
- Get the onpage information like Headings, Number of words/sentences, Images with alt tags, Internal/External/Broken links
- Get the Google cache date, pages indexed in Google.