Color Changer for Youtube™

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Youtube网站™ 颜色变换器将帮助您轻松更改youtube的主颜色。

Today Color Changer for YouTube is really popular extension. Change YouTube theme more colorful. Change background color on youtube to any you like. Тhis extension allows you to change the color of the title, font, text, color, chat layout, backgrounds and much more. Color Changer for YouTube has over 20 built-in themes and easy and simple control panel. Change YouTube theme to a more recent and vibrant one. Or create your own YouTube theme.
In addition to color themes Youtube Color Changer also has YouTube dark mode. Тhis mode is turned on automatically and thus protects your eyesight at night. YouTube dark mode makes page black without any action from your end. Our beautiful YouTube theme will something new in your boring mode.
It is easy to use Youtube Color Changer. Firstly click on the extension icon to turn on/off the theme. After that choose good youtube theme in options. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for now, update youtube theme using Color Changer for YouTube. Youtube Color Changer shows your personality, as well as your mood. Always be in a good mood with a bright theme.