Incredible StartPage - Productive Start Page

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Incredible StartPage is a productive start page replacement. Put all your favorite bookmarks in a beautiful frame, and enjoy our handy features! We have been a featured extension since 2010!

- Fix custom color
- Minimize "Search Filter" for smaller screen

New in 1.7!!
- Quickly locate your apps and bookmarks with filter on title
- Flexible layout, enlarge/shrink notepad easily

- View "Bookmarks", "Apps" and "Most Visited Sites" all in one tab
- Multiple notepads and post to Gmail/Google Calendar
- Customizable color theme and background image
- Notepad sync across computers by Bookmark Sync
- Recently closed tab recovery
- Rearrange App Order
- Send tab/link to Startpage

See a full tutorial on our blog http://goo.gl/DM6C

- Incredible StartPage does not access your Flickr accounts. The permission is for search suitable images as background

Known issues and limitations
- Some bookmarklets may not work inside the StartPage
- If you use ad-blockers, you may need to disable them in the StartPage (add "newtab" and "ncdfeghkpohnalmpblddmnppfooljekh" to the whitelist)

- Due to browser limitations, extensions cannot restore history from closed tabs and "Other Devices" information. If you need the history from a recently closed tab, press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen them one by one.

License: http://www.visibotech.com/license/incrediblestartpage.html
Translation & Credits: http://goo.gl/qG89Z

Developed by Visibo Limited