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Elegant tab search, selection, and beyond. Designed to be fast, intuitive, and beautiful. Inspired by Spotlight. Keyboard-focused but mouse friendly too. Open source.

* Lists tabs in order of recency by default, then fuzzy search by title or URL.
* Search recently closed tabs
* Search all bookmarks
* Search all history
* Search all open tabs, closed tabs and browsing history at the same time


1. Activate the extension by entering CTRL+SPACE or ALT+SPACE on Macs.
2. Search your tabs by title or URL
3. Switch between suggestions using the arrow keys or TAB and SHIFT+TAB.
4. Switch to a tab by pressing ENTER or clicking on a suggestion
5. Try other search modes using SHIFT+SPACE

Other ways to activate Saka:

* CTRL+E (or CMD+E on Macs)
* CTRL+SHIFT+1 (or CMD+SHIFT+1 on Macs) - This shortcut works globally even outside Chrome


Useful keyboard shortcuts:

* CTRL+K (or CMD+K on Macs) - Clear the search
* CTRL+S (or CMD+S on Macs) - View the previous page of suggestions
* CTRL+D (or CMD+D on Macs) - View the next page of suggestions
* CTRL+Backspace (or CMD+Delete on Macs) - Close selected tab
* DOWN ARROW or TAB - Select the next suggestions
* UP ARROW or SHIFT-TAB - Select the previous suggestion

Mode shortcuts

* SHIFT+SPACE - switch modes
* SPACE (but only if the search bar is empty) - switch modes
* CTRL+SHIFT+M (or CMD+SHIFT+M on Macs) - switch to select mode
* CTRL+SHIFT+A (or CMD+SHIFT+A on Macs) - switch to tab search
* CTRL+SHIFT+A (or CMD+SHIFT+A on Macs) - switch to recently closed tab search


Why does Saka need so many permission?

1. Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - needed to insert Saka into each page
2. Read and change your browsing history - needed for upcoming features: history search and recency-based tab switching
3. Read and change your bookmarks - needed for upcoming feature: bookmarks search


Custom keyboard shortcuts

To configure your keyboard shortcuts and make others available globally, enter "chrome://extensions/configureCommands" in your URL bar and hit enter.


Like this extension?

Check out the other open source extension for keyboard-only browsing Saka Key.


Release Notes:

* Added feature to close selected tab in Saka when hotkey (ctrl+backspace) is pressed

* Improved fuzzy search to not penalize search results based on length
* Improved mode switcher UI to make it more obvious that it is clickable
* Added restoring of window sessions

* Fixed issue where Saka could not be launched using a custom hotkey in Saka Key

* Added a tab bar at the top of Saka to allow for easy switching between modes

* Added 'Recently Viewed' search mode for all open tabs, closed tabs and browsing history at the same time

* Added optional highlighting + fuzzy search for bookmark and history search

* Fix bug where active selection icon was misaligned
* Fix bug where mode selection was not rendering ⌘ correctly
* Fix bug where suggestions were hidden on new installs first load

* Added History Search
* Added Saka hotkey list on the options page
* Fixed bug where incognito tab favicons could leak into the non-incognito favicon cache when a user loaded Saka while having incognito tabs open (https://github.com/lusakasa/saka/issues/28)

* Added options page for customizing Saka settings
* Choose default mode that Saka opens in
* Enable/Disable suggestions list when Saka first opens

* Added bookmark search

* Rearchitected to support Firefox
* Better viewport and zoom independence

* Improved multi-window support

* Added mode for searching recently closed tabs
* Added mode for selecting what type of search to perform
* The Action button now indicates the current mode
* The active suggestion now shows an icon corresponding to the suggestion type
* Many new keyboard shortcuts

* Added Saka to right-click menu (will make this optional in future)
* Fixed match highlighting bug

* Match highlighting
* Recently closed tabs now appear at end of list when no search text is entered
* Action button icon now changes based on the active suggestion

* Use your mouse wheel to scroll through suggestions!

* Pagination to support viewing more than 6 results
* Moved "activation button" to left side of search bar as part of an upcoming feature

* Lists tabs by recency by default

* CMD+K no longer toggles Saka. Instead, it clears the search bar.
* Integration with Saka Key

* Saka is now zoom independent so its size and location are fixed for common zoom levels and viewport sizes
* When Saka is activated from a reserved page, the opened tab now uses a screenshot of the reserved page as it's background image.

* bug fixes
* changed to persistent background page for reduced latency

* Initial Beta Release