Open Last Tab

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Helps jump between last used tabs by keyboard shortcut in Chrome,
Yandex Browser and other Chromium-based browsers.

Default shortcut: Alt + Q

Based on clut-chrome-extension
(https://github.com/harshayburadkar/clut-chrome-extension / MIT License),
but without any analitycs and third-party code. Just core functionality.
Open source and needs only "tabs" permissions.

This extension tries to allow you switch between open tabs in a Most Recently Used fashion.
It remembers the order in which you switched tabs (made a tab active) and it updates
its records so that you can switch to the recently used ones quickly.

Note: Sometimes after updating the extension the keyboard shortcut settings get reset.
Hence you might want to set the desired key board shortcuts again in the keyboard shortcut
settings in the Chrome Extensions page.

The project is made open source in GitHub:

[Default Keys:]
*ALT + Q*: Quick switch
*ALT + S*: Normal switch
*ALT + Shift + S*: Normal switch (in opposite direction)
*Keys can be changed in keyboard shortcut settings on the Chrome extensions page.