Video Deck for YouTube™

提供方:Gašper Černevšek
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YouTube Video Deck is the best way to have control over videos that are uploaded by your favorite YouTube channels.

Please note that this extension is currently useful only for users that have YouTube subscriptions.

If you are using browser other than Chrome go to: www.videodeck.net

- adding your favourite subscriptions
- searching videos, channels and playlists
- subscribing to channels
- marking videos as watched
- hiding watched videos
- adding playlists
- adding topics
- adding videos to "Watch Later"
- removing videos from "Watch Later"
- watching videos on deck
- watching videos with Chromecast
- rating videos
- posting comments
- "Play All" videos in column
- creating custom columns
- sharing videos
- dynamic update of video statistics
- managing order of columns
- notifications for newly uploaded videos