Minimal Bookmarks Tree

提供方:Rémon van de Kamp
评分:4.52 | 生产工具 | 43.79KiB

This extension adds a button to Chrome in the top right corner (next to the "three-dot" settings button). When you click the button you get a tree of your bookmarks with folders that you can open and close by clicking them. A simple -non obtrusive- sliding animation is applied to the opening and closing of folders.

You can open bookmarks in the following ways:
- click: open in current tab
- middle-click (scrollwheel): open in new tab and close minimal bookmarks tree
- ctrl+click: open in new tab and keep minimal bookmarks tree open

You can also right click a folder and click "Open all" to open all bookmarks in that folder in tabs.

Right click also let's you edit/delete bookmarks and folders.

The tree uses simple folder icons that show their state (open/close) and also shows the favicons for the websites you've bookmarked.

The extension remembers which folders were open, so you can leave your favorite folders open at all times.

Additionally the extension enables you to search through your bookmarks and bookmark folders easily by entering 'bm' into the URL bar (or "omnibox" as chrome calls it) and then type your search terms. It is not and will not be possible to search in the popup window itself because this wouldn't add anything to the extension; it would just duplicate behaviour.

The extension needs permission to view and edit your bookmarks, but will only ever edit bookmarks if you instruct it to, it will never change bookmarks on its own.

Minimal bookmarks tree is completely open source and available on github: https://github.com/rpkamp/chrome-minimal-bookmarks-tree

Any and all suggestions are welcome!