Video Pop!!!

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It's created for specific purpose of popping out any video on currently active chrome tab. Since it use panels feature the panel window is kept on top irrespective of which window is currently active.

It's useful for watching videos(tv shows/football live stream) while working on laptop.

Please enable panels features prior to use(Go to chrome://extensions->ctrl+f "panel"->enable panel->restart chrome)

To use:
1.Go to website with your video.
2.Click on the extension icon (right corner).
3.You should see panels with video pop out.

Few notes:

1. Works well with youtube ,dailymotion and few other main sites,thanks to Samuel Péan extension(I have used his extension features ,hope he doesn't mind).

2. Panels are an experimental feature of chrome but quite useful.They always stay on top(won't be hidden irrespective of the current window in focus).However when you move them out of bottom corner they lose this property.

3. Like I said the extension works really well with the well known sites like youtube,dailymotion etc..,But its main purpose is for videos from relatively lesser known sites which have iframe and object tags for videos in html.(helps for live streams and other videos).

4. For iframes,it would open all iframes in a site hence close all the irrelevant ones.

5.For objects,I have created it very specifically for one site I use to watch videos and since different sites use object tags differently to embedded videos,there is a good chance it won't open for the site you are trying.Let me know about it though I can try to tune it for that site.

Again don't forget to enable panels otherwise it opens a normal window which isn't of great use.

Thanks again to Samuel Péan,hopefully he is cool about me using his extension.
Also I used an image off internet for the extension,not sure who owns it but thank you.

If there is any confusion, find a way to communicate with me.

Hope you find this useful.