提供方:Mykhailo Onikiienko
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► Save open tabs in the group.
✓ Tab Groups are stored in the sync Chrome storage. Sign in to browser to get them on other PC.
✓ Assign a group name.
✓ Edit, add new tabs, delete, move the group from the list.

► Session Manager provides quick and convenient access to the latest browser sessions.
✓ Access to the currently open (and earlier) browser session.
✓ Rapid recovery of any session in one click.
✓! Sessions are not synchronized.

☀ Tips:
● To quickly save all open tabs in a group, open the extension window and press "ENTER". Later, you can edit the name of the group.
● "Ctrl + click" on group name (or session) - open tabs in a new window.

Tab Hamster source code: https://github.com/onikienko/TabHamster