Flag & WHOIS SEO Domain Full Info

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Return the domain's IP address , information about security, localization of server, ping, etc.

Flag & WHOIS SEO Domain Full Info - extension for Google Chrome browser.

Flag & WHOIS SEO Domain Full Info shows the flag of the country of the
server that hosts the page (website) that user is visiting. This method greatly simplifies user to instantly know the country in which the server is located. Expansion can recognize more than 250 countries by IP-address, and display information about country in the form of its flag.

In addition, you can find out information about the server localization (country, region, and city) and IP-address of server. This information can be found by moving the mouse pointer over the icon expansion.
Also expansion Flag & WHOIS SEO Domain Full Info includes many useful services that will help the user to find useful information about the site or the server that hosts the site. In order to open page with the all services you must click to flag's icon.

Page of services is consisting of three tabs:
- (SITE INFO) There is information about site and its server in first tab.
- (AVIALABLE SERVICES) Second tab has nine useful services, which help you to find interesting information about site, about ip and about server. Among these services, it is worth noting: Whois ip, Ping, Whois domain, Server Status, Web Arhive and many
- (GET WIDGETS) Third tab give you a possibility select widget for your site from