Wordtracker Scout

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Wordtracker Scout for fast and effective live keyword research.

Need to know how your competitors’ websites succeed? Want to uncover the true language of your market?

Install Scout and analyze any web page you choose. Uncover keyword ideas for your own marketing strategy and get competive insight into each of those keywords. Scout draws on Wordtracker’s huge database of hundreds of millions of keywords to provide you with the power of real-time market intelligence. Scout takes the guesswork out of keyword research.

Scout enables you to:

- Uncover the keywords on your competitors’ websites
- Assess the relevancy of a keyword to the page
- Filter by keyword length to quickly uncover the long tail
- Identify keyword search volumes from different territories
- Understand the level of competition for a keyword, and how effective it could be
- Save lists of keywords taken from pages to your Wordtracker account

Scout offers three different views of the data on any web page - you can see the overview in a word cloud on the Summary tab, an indication of the relevance of each keyword on the Insights tab, and search volumes (with competitive insight) on the Keywords tab. There's a fourth tab which allows you to save keywords from any web page to your Wordtracker account (don't have a Wordtracker account? It's easy to sign up from this tab).

Summary tab:

This tab contains a graphical keyword cloud which indicates search volumes and relevance to the page at a glance. Adjust the number of keywords you see using the slider and the keyword length buttons.

- Dark colors mean a high search volume - the more popularly searched keywords
- Lighter colors mean fewer people are searching
- The larger a keyword is in the cloud, the more relevant it is to the page

Insights tab:

The Insights tab gives you an understanding of the relevance of a keyword to a page, which is established by a number of factors, including:

- Keyword position on the page, by Page Title, H1 and Description
- Number of occurrences on the page

A Relevance metric is assigned to each keyword dependent on its position on the page.

Keywords Tab

The Keywords tab provides a wealth of information about the keywords on the page that appear in the Wordtracker database of billions of searches. This includes:

- Searches (how many searches are made using the keyword)
- Competition (IAAT – use of keyword in title tags and anchor text)
- Opportunity (also known as KEI). This powerful metric examines the relationship between volume and competition and combines the elements into a single metric. The higher the Opportunity score, the more potential a keyword is liable to have.

Save to Wordtracker

Saving keywords to an active Wordtracker account couldn't be simpler.

- Log into your Wordtracker account
- Save all the keywords on a page, or just a filtered list to any existing or new project or list
- Choose the territory to get search volumes from (anywhere in the world)
- Save unlimited lists from Scout to Wordtracker

For more information visit www.wordtracker.com/scout