Close Duplicate Tab

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Ever run into situations where you have lots of tabs open and you realize you have some of them open multiple times? If then you felt the need to close duplicate instances of that tab, help is at hand!

Close Duplicate Tab does exactly what its name says - it identifies URLs which are open in multiple tabs, and closes all instances retaining one. It also is smart enough to detect if you are on one of those duplicate tabs, and closes the other ones so you can continue doing what you are.

Coming soon: keyboard shortcut, auto close, limit to current window, group top domains in single window etc. Suggest more features!

* NEW: Top domains listed on hovering over the extension icon.

* Pinned tabs will no longer be closed if they are duplicates.

* Now see titles for duplicate tabs, not long URLs
* Special case handling for websites that "replace" tabs behind the scenes. Short version: more accurate duplicate tracking.

* Bug fix to handle browser restarts

v2.0 ## MAJOR Upgrade!!!
* Options page, with list of upcoming capabilties
* NEW: Reorder (sort) pages by URL

* Lists open tab count, and duplicate tab count
* List duplicate URLs, and their counts
* Groundwork for options (coming soon!)

* Now identifies & closes duplicates across windows
* More accessible colors for duplicate count badge