uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome

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Helps you view & manage multiple ad-free youtube videos in a single tab.

Are you that avid videophile who keeps juggling between tabs to watch videos? Or that casual person who wants some quality popcorn time without bugging advertisments while wathcing videos? Watching YouTube can always be a frustrating experience to jump across windows. On top of it are the ever-so-boring-ads, suggestions, and what not? Whoof!

uPop is the answer to making your YouTube experience easy and fun! Create chat-like windows to minimize miniature tabs. Manage all your content in one page. Isn't that awesome?

Let's show YouTube some love again

- Pop up any number of youtube videos as chat-like windows which can be minimized, maximized, collapsed and closed.
- Minimize multiple videos on a single page and set them aside for streaming while you browse the internet.
- View all youtube videos without bugging advertisments.
- Light wieght and user friendly.

#v2.0.0 ( awesomeness continues -- now uPop will preserve your current tabs )
-New UI
-No More Ads
-support for playlist
-Preserve your current state (Preserve your current opened tab )
-Multiple bug fixes
-Play indication