Close Tab by Double Right Click

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通过双击页面上的任意位置来关闭选项卡。灵感来源于Mozilla Firefox的“关闭权限”传统扩展。

Double right click anywhere on the page to close the active tab.

Open source:
* https://github.com/webextensions/close-tab-by-double-right-click

Created by:
* Priyank Parashar


* To enable this extension in "incognito" window mode or for "file:///" URLs, you will need to provide permissions for this by going to "chrome://extensions".

* Close Tab by Double Right Click implements an alternative approach for closing "chrome:///", "about:blank" and other special tabs. This is due to technical limitations of Chrome API. In these tabs, you would find a "Close Tab" context-menu entry which is shown when you right click anywhere on the page.

* The idea of this extension is inspired by "Rights To Close" extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Connect to us:
* https://github.com/webextensions/close-tab-by-double-right-click
* https://twitter.com/webextensions
* Priyank Parashar - https://linkedin.com/in/ParasharPriyank/