Tab Thumbnails Switcher

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A tab switcher menu with thumbnail previews similar to Windows 10 task switcher.

★ Key Features ★

➭ Tabs are in recently used order.
➭ You can use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to select the
desired tab or choose a different shortcut.
➭ Mouse-only method: Click on the toolbar button and then
click on the desired tab.
➭ It doesn't interfere with the web page you are viewing.
➭ The tabs menu pops up instantly for a fast tab switching.
➭ Works offline. No need for an internet connection.
➭ Tab Thumbnails Switcher does not access or collect your
personal data.

★ Tab Thumbnails Switcher is a native extension ★

Tab Thumbnails Switcher brings out the power of Chrome's native
extensibility to gain essential advantages over regular extensions:

✔ The tab menu is implemented in machine code, which allows it to
pop up instantly without annoying loading delays.

✔ It can redefine Ctrl+Tab shortcut for switching between tabs.

✔ It doesn't inject code into every page you visit, thus avoiding
sluggish page loads and conserving CPU and memory.

✔ It works on ALL tabs. Either PDF documents, the New Tab
Page, extension pages, Chrome pages, you name it.

★ System Requirements ★

Being a native extension demands additional development effort to
support each operating system. For this reason, Tab Thumbnails Switcher
is initially supported on:

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• Windows 10

★ Permissions ★

When installing you'll see a message saying that the extension can
"Read your browsing history".
This is a standard message generated by Chrome. Tab Thumbnails
Switcher does NOT access any personal information.

Please read our privacy policy to learn more: