Kona: Download All Files

提供方:Victor Petrov
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- Are you getting tired of downloading multiple files from Kona, one by one, like a mindless drone?
- Are you spending your time downloading files instead of being productive?
- Have you complained to the good folks at Kona.com, but they just won't listen?

Say no more! There is now a better way of using Kona. Meet the first Chrome Extension for Kona, Download All Files. It boasts the following impressive set of features:

* Downloads all files

But, wait, there's more! It's also Open Source(tm), i.e. "free as in 'not even a beer'". This means that anyone, from your local IT nerd to the wonderful ninjas of Kona, can download and take a good long look at how absolutely brilliant this code is.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Install this extension.
2. Go to kona.com and click on the 'Files' tab.
3. Click the 'Download all' button and wait for the files to download.
4. Kona will now prompt you to download a ZIP archive.
5. Save and extract the archive into a folder of your choice.

We ask you to please be gentle, as this extension is in its infancy, so some of its brilliance may take time to surface. If you have any complaints, suggestions, if you want to download the code or if you just want to say 'Hi', visit our website by clicking on the Website link above.

Thank you and have fun downloading multiple files from Kona!


Do not use when computer is turned off. In case of severe malfunction, refer to your local emergency exorcist.