BLADE ad blocker+

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BLADE ad blocker+阻止广告并保护您的隐私

Blades adblocklocker brings next generation ad blocking to your browsing experience.

BLADE is a disruptive adblock extension that blocks ads.

How It Works:
BLADE works like any standard adblocker: it blocks all ads.

What Ads Does BLADE adblocker+ block on your Chrome browser:
BLADEs adblocker def (defense) blocks ads. Display ads, pop-ups & pop-unders, streaming video ads, malicious code and everything else.

Ad Targeting & Your Privacy:
We take your privacy seriously, visit blade.software to review the full privacy policy.

Release Notes:
V 1.0.0

More Information about This Adblocker Developer:
Visit blade.software for more information and to read the FAQ’s
Join the Telegram group: https://t.me/adbanknetwork
Read the blog: https://medium.com/adbank-blog