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恢复旧版的新标签页,去掉Chrome 33版本之后新标签页上的谷歌图标和搜索条!

由于chrome 33+新版限制,如果不起作用,需要修改:

1. 默认搜索引擎必须是谷歌
2. 停用其他新标签页插件再试试
3. Chrome 36以前版本,需要在设置里点显示高级设置 -> 启用“借助联想查询服务,帮您在地址栏中自动填充未输完的搜索字词和网址” (默认是开启的)

Chrome 37版支持显示最近关闭的标签页和其他设备页面,也支持显示安装的应用程序。需要在本插件的设置页面里开启以上功能。

Don't like the new "New Tab" page with the Google logo and search bar since Chrome 33? Install this extension to get the previous "New Tab" page back!

Please read the troubleshooting section below if this extension does not load.

New features:

- Close the current tab after launching app.
- Recently closed tabs and other device pages are available in Chrome 37. You can enable this feature in the options page of this extension.
- The apps page is now supported.
- Dragging a link into the apps page will generate an app as a bookmark.
- Change the app launch type when right clicking an app.
- Create app shortcuts in the right-click menu of an app.
- Change the number of most visited thumbnails and apps in the options page.
- Remove apps by dragging the app to the trash bin at the lower right corner.

I added a lot of these new features in the Chrome browser in the past months. They are available starting from Chrome 37.

There are a lot of limitations now due to Google's new design. It's currently impossible to get some features back, such as the top right "sign in" feature in the old new tab page.

This extension only works when Google is the default search engine.
Try to disable other new tab page related apps if this one does not load.
(For Chrome version under 36) Try to go to settings -> Show advanced settings... -> Enable "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar".

Add features selection in the options page.
Add "Show Webstore" and "Apps per Row" options.
Show web store in apps page.
Enable "view in webstore" if the homepage link exists.
Avoid getting cached app icons.
Add apps ordering and paging support.
Prevent from the most visited borders becoming black when navigating.
Use the default font on Mac and Linux.
Add troubleshooting section in the options page.
Fix bookmark app icon size and dominant color.
Fix support to remove apps in Chrome 34.
Load this extension earlier to avoid showing the search bar.
Auto update recently closed pages.
Correct recently closed menu behavior.
Add an options page to customize tiles per row and number of tiles of the most visited pages.
Fix theme support with background color, tiling, attribution and position.
Fix bug in chrome browser extension api that crashes the whole browser when getting other device pages: https://codereview.chromium.org/186343003/.
Now support 52 languages.
Add support for chrome browser running in different countries.
Fully working auto-refresh when theme changes.
Fully working to remove, undo and restore all the most visited pages.
Fix bug that causes the grid empty.
Be able to navigate to file:/// urls. (Note that the original "New Tab" page in Chrome 33 can not do this either.)
Fix most visited pages disappear when resize the window.

Permissions Concerns:
This extension captures and overrides data ONLY on https://www.google.*/_/chrome/*, which is the "New Tab" page. It means this extension does NOT have access to what you are searching or doing on google websites.

Source Code & Report Issues:
New BSD license

Icons from New Tab Redirect
RGBaster from Brian Gonzalez

Google Chrome and the Google Chrome logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.