Extract People also search phrases in Google

提供方:Jaroslav Hlavinka
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在右上角的文本区域中显示并添加“People also search for”中的所有短语,这样您就可以简单地获取它们。

This extension helps SEO folks, copywriters and others to find similar keywords in Google SERP by "hacking" the "People also search for" and colecting them in textarea in top right corner of search engine result page. So you can easily harvest them when searching at Google. Quite simple. :-)

It helps you to do brief keyword analysis for SEO and to find new similar keywords.

Take a look at the screenshots.

More about "People also search for": https://searchengineland.com/google-launches-new-look-people-also-search-search-refinements-291918

Google uses to change HTML from time to time, so the extension might stop working. In this case, please, contact me at Twitter - @Neologyc, or at email - jaroslav at hlavinka.cz. It would help me a lot to keep extension working. Thank you in advance.

I´m Jaroslav Hlavinka - SEO consultant working for czech based search engine Seznam.cz. Take a look at my SEO useful stuff at https://github.com/neologyc .