Manage My Tabs - Tab Manager

评分:4.67 | 生产工具 | 1.17MiB
Manage My Tabs是一个扩展,它为用户提供了一种快速简单的方式来管理自己的选项卡。

Manage My Tabs is an extension that gives the user a quick and simple way to manage their tabs. Tabs are grouped by website name and are shown in one convenient tab that the user may search and customize. From the manager tab, the user can navigate to any tab, close tabs individually or by groups and view tabs from other windows.

- Groups tabs by website hostname
- Lists tab groups and tabs alphabetically or numerically
- Search for tab or tab group
- Close tabs individually or by group
- Navigate to tabs
- Auto updates when tabs are opened or closed
- Undo button to reopen the last tab that was closed (Ctrl + Z)
- Change number of columns
- Restore default settings button
- Display number of tabs per group
- Get tabs from all windows
- Select which window to get tabs from
- Sort options
- Search by tabs or website name