JavaScript Errors Notifier

提供方:Barbushin Sergey
评分:4.46 | 开发者工具 | 35.18KiB

GitHub → https://goo.gl/RBcFK8
Test page → https://goo.gl/IEXS2y

--- FEATURES ---

✔ Change extension icon color in toolbar when JavaScript error occurs
✔ Show error icon in bottom right page corner
✔ Show errors details by click on toolbar or notification icon
✔ Error source URL in popup is clickable
✔ Show errors details in notification popup
✔ Show errors stack traces
✔ Show errors column number
✔ Error source in notification popups is clickable
✔ Does not overrides user-defined error handler
✔ Handle console.error() calls
✔ Handle missing js/css/other missing files 404 errors
✔ Ignore 404 errors initiated by AdBlock and etc
✔ Ignores repeated errors
✔ Ignores Google Chrome extensions internal errors
✔ Error text is linked on StackOverflow search
✔ Copy errors details to clipboard