Adblock Unblock

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This plugin re-enables adblock by implementing custom code for each of these websites:
- ekstrabladet.dk
- politiken.dk
- tv3sport.dk

NO other websites are supported as each fix is custom made. You may request fixes for other sites if you would like to remove their adblock-counterblock.

A lot of us use the Adblock-extension in Chrome and several sites has now started to fight back. They do this by detecting the Adblock-extension and prevents the user from seeing the sites content. This plugin addresses that issue and disables this feature.

New in version 1.4:
- By user-request, you can now enjoy tv3sport.dk ad-free

New in version 1.3:
- Ekstrabladet has changed their popup and I've added a new way to detect and remove it.

Please feel free to contact me if you need unblocks for other popular sites.

Created by Sourceworks.dk