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ToggleTab lets you toggle back and forth between the two most recently selected tabs using a global hotkey. The hotkey is configurable and will work even when chrome doesn't have focus. This is ideal for gamers, researchers, developers and anyone else who needs to switch tabs in their browser without leaving the application they're working in.


ToggleTab remembers the order in which you selected, opened and deleted tabs using its "Tab History". If you're toggling between two tabs and decide to close one of them, the next most recent tab in the tab history will begin toggling instead.

By default, the global hotkey to toggle is Ctrl+Shift+1 on Windows and Cmd+Shift+1 on OSX. This should be comfortable to press with just your left hand. See the "Configuration" section below to learn how to configure the hotkey.

The tab history can be locked allowing you to temporarily check other tabs without interfering with the order of your tab history or which tabs will toggle. Locking can be easily enabled and disabled by clicking the ToggleTab icon in the Chrome toolbar.


The ToggleTab options can be reached by right-clicking the ToggleTab icon in the Chrome toolbar then clicking "Options" from the menu.

From the Options page you can view the entire tab history. Individual tab history items can be removed by checking them and clicking "Delete Selected" at the bottom of the list. Deleting items from the tab history will NOT close their respective tabs. However, closing tabs will remove them from the tab history.

The global hotkey can be configured by clicking the "Configure Hotkeys" button on the Options page.


1.0.1 - Improved persistence between browser sessions
1.0.0 - Initial version with tab history, locking and a global hotkey.