Yet Another Drag and Go

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**v0.3.3 - 2014.03.07**

1. fix open text link issue


1. fix open img link issue


1. fix Always After, Always Front-End issue


1. refactor
2. sync configuration data with cloud
2. new options page

1. upgrade for Chrome v32+ (Windows)

1. upgrade for Chrome v32+


1. upgrade manifest v2
2. new icons
3. new built-in search engines


4 or 9 ZONES? (via http://goo.gl/OxQR)

My Dears,
Since 2010/03/16, I've got your 439 votes, and I could see more people prefer 4 zones. so let's stay with 4.
Thanks for your help. I love you all!


* works with chrome ver. dev 13.x
* update built-in Search Es

* i18n: en, zh.
* new html5 option page


* Features
# Open a link/text-url in Front-End/Back-End, or drag UP to Front-End, Down to Back-End
# Open a link/text-url Before/After current tab, or drag LEFT to Before, Right to After
# Drag selected text to 4 different areas(LU/RU/LD/RD) to search by different search engines
# 17 search engines built-in
# Easy to add any search engines by yourself (right click the URL bar --> edit search engines --> choose one --> copy the search URL --> paste into the "options" page)
# Press "ESC" to cancel your drag

* To-do
# More built-in search engines (please paste your favorites in the comments)
# Save image
# Access to Chrome's search engines
# Please help to vote: Do you need more drag zone? --> http://goo.gl/OxQR