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Blinkk is a simple Chrome extension that notifies you to take eye breaks. Following it's suggestions should prevent dry eyes, tiredness, blurred vision, dehydration, bad posture...

It appears in the middle of the screen at regular intervals chosen by you and reminds you that eyes health is more important than anything and it suggests you ways of relaxing them. The decision to actually do it is yours, it does not interrupt your work.

Blinkk uses suggestions of Dr. W. H. Bates good vision habits. Dr. Bates believed that eyesight problems can be healed by relearning to see correctly, naturally. This will certainly not be possible in this era of computers if you work with one but you can maintain them in the best shape possible by incorporating this habits:

- movement - the natural state of the eye and the body is movement, it was not designed to stay on a chair and stare at the computer all day long. The more you can get out of this state the better.
- centralization - it's an exercise when focusing on specific parts of an object, diffusing and trying to see the whole object at once causes blurred vision
- sketching - when switching focus from near to far objects, important for maintaining your eyesight sharp
- relaxing - strain in the eye are also a cause for bad eyesight. As your eyesight goes bad you tend to squint which is causing the strain
- blinking - is the most handy thing you can do when working at the computer, so do it often because it moistens your eyes and prevents dry eyes. Usually people blink 3 times less when staring at the computer
- abdominal breathing - this is the correct way of breathing and not that superficial air intakes we all do
- palming - it's an exercise that will literally refresh your eyes. Heat your palms by rubbing then rest them over the eyes for few minutes while you stay comfortable on your chair