Close This Tab

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More easy and fast way to close tabs.

Version 2.0 is here.

v2.0 Changelog:
• Extension name is renamed to 'Close This Tab'.
• New Options/Settings page.
• New in-page closer positions added.
• You can change thickness of the in-page closers.
• Toolbar icon is added. Clicking to the toolbar icon will close the active tab.
• You can change toolbar icon image.
• Multi language support is added, so please help to translate.
• Preferences synced with Chrome (if signed in).

• You can close tab by clicking in-page closer or toolbar icon.
• In-Page closer only appears when you move the mouse cursor to the selected edge of the active window.
• You can change the features of in-page closer, like hover color, thickness, click event type and position.
• Alternatively, toolbar icon can close tabs.

Since Chrome is not allowing, In-Page closers could not be embedded into the following pages:
chrome:// - chrome-extension:// - chrome-devtools:// - view-source: - data: - chrome.google.com/webstore/ - New tab page.

But, toolbar icon will work on all pages without any limitation.

Note on permissions:
• "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" - That is necessary to insert In-Page closers to pages. I do not read YOUR data from any website, nor do i modify it.