评分:4.62 | 搜索工具 | 60.33KiB
在 google 和 yahoo 搜索结果页面插入目标网站预览图像。

The single purpose of this extension is to enhance your search results pages. SearchPreview inserts site preview images (thumbnails), related links (if available, some may be advertising) and popularity ranks into your search result pages. Supports Google™, DuckDuckGo™, Yahoo™ and Bing™.

New in version 4.7:
- Added: Initial support for new experimental Google card layout
- Fixed: Flicker with some DuckDuckGo searches
- Fixed: No preview images shown for pdf results on Google
- Fixed: No popularity ranks for video results on Google
- Fixed: Popularity ranks sometimes not working on Google pages with Question/Answer area

New in Version 4.6:
- Added popularity rank feature

New in Version 4.5:

- Less left hand side margin in Google search results, more space for preview images
- Related Links now requested via HTTPS

New in version 4.4:
- Fixed: Preview images only show on first page of Google search results