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以便捷的方式查看 Google 日历及在当前网站上直接添加新的日历事件

Get a button on your browser toolbar that you can easily click to see upcoming events from Google Calendar, without ever leaving your page. And if you’re on sites that have special events encoded, you can click the button to instantly add events to your calendar. The button shows an orange plus sign whenever there are events on the page you’re viewing that can be added to your calendar.

WHAT’S NEW: https://github.com/manastungare/google-calendar-crx/wiki/Changes


• If you are having trouble authorizing, make sure to follow all steps at https://github.com/manastungare/google-calendar-crx/wiki/Troubleshooting first.
• If you find a bug, please file a bug. Don't simply mention it in a review and expect it to be fixed — I cannot follow up with you through that if I need more information or screenshots. Instructions on reporting issues are available on the Options page.


• Displays events from your selected calendars.
• Quick Add: When adding events, you no longer need to specify a time separately. Type events such as:
— “Dinner with Sam at 8pm Sunday”, or
— “Vacation from Dec 25 to Dec 31”
• If you’re on certain sites where it detects the presence of events, the icon changes to an orange “+”. Clicking that icon lets you add the event to your Google Calendar, and shows you a map (if there’s a location it could detect.)
• Any site that uses the hCalendar microformat or derivative microformats such as hResume are supported.
• This extension shows events from whatever calendars you are logged in within Chrome.
• If you want to use a Google Apps calendar, you should login to that account first, then open the extension.

Featured on the Chrome Blog as a “By Google” extension:

Pre-release versions & source code of this extension available at: