Dragon Go Server notifier

提供方:Semyon Novikov
评分:4.41 | 娱乐 | 28.0KiB

Simple notifier for http://www.dragongoserver.net
You should be logged in DGS.

WARNING: If you want to report a bug and wish I see it, please add report to the project bugtracker on Github: https://github.com/semka/dgs_notifier/issues

Version 0.4
- Bugfixes
- Added 1 minute check interval option
- App now can catch logged out state
- Added Clear status button (a little checkmark right near "Open Status Page", thanks Oren for feedback!)

Version 0.3:
- Added options
- Added popup with games list

Version 0.2:
- Fixed problem with DGS flood protection
- Query period increased from 5 seconds to 1 minute