Ninja Download Manager

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** IMPORTANT You must have Ninja Download Manager installed and running for this plugin to work. You can download it from our website here by clicking on the link below.


The Ninja Download Manager Chrome extension allows you to easily add new downloads to the free Ninja Download Manager from within Chrome.

Once both Ninja Download Manager and the extension are installed simply right click on a link and choose Download with Ninja Download Manager.

New in v1.9

Change the app name to NDM and improve the connection error message.

New in v1.8

Added an additional flag to tell DN that a download was initiated by the user and not intercepted so that DN does not ignore manually added downloads when disable keys are pressed.

New in v1.7

Added support for browser bypass/force keys. Requires Download Ninja 24 or above

New in v1.6

Fixed issue with existing downloads being added at Chrome startup

New in v1.5

Easily list available media downloads from video and audio websites and send them to Download Ninja with a single click.