SEO Minion

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This free SEO tool helps you with the following tasks -

(1) Analyze On-Page SEO - analyze the HTML of any webpage and view useful information that will help you optimize the On-Page SEO as well as alert you to any issues.

(2) Highlight All Links - quickly see all the links (internal & external) for any webpage

(3) Check Broken Links - check every link on a webpage and get a report of any links with issues

(4) Hreflang Checker - check hreflang tag validity, as well as whether there are return tags present

(5) SERP Preview - preview your website on a real Google search result and update this in real time

(6) Google search location simulator - view non-personalized google search results for one keyword on two different location/language combination.

We add features based on user feedback. If you'd like us to add any new features, please email us at akash@seominion.com.

You can view the changelog for every version update at https://seominion.com/news