Falcon Proxy

提供方:Lyric Wai
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Just a proxy extension. If you meet any problem, please @lyricwai at twitter.

*** NOTICE ***
- Falcon Proxy is an extension to help you using proxy.
- To use Falcon Proxy, you need one available proxy server at least.
- Falcon Proxy DOES NOT provide proxy server.

*** What's new in 0.8.5 ***
- New translation for Japanese

*** Features ***
- Multi-Profiles
- Proxy speed test
- Pac file support.

*** About Proxy Authorisation ***
Generally, browser and operation system have the ability to remember proxy username and password for each proxy. However, in some case, they may fail. There is also a solution. Just try this extension:

*** What's new in 0.8.4 ***
- Fixed a bug that socks proxy doesn't work, really sorry for my mistake.
- Fixed a bug that incorrectly display the proxy type.
- Improve the startup speed.

*** What's new in 0.8 ***
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Improve the stability
- New translation for Spanish and Chinese