VEED.IO - Simple Online Video Editor

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Simple online video editing to create professional content to grow your audience online.

Use VEED.IO to build your social following, creating engaging marking content, education video and pretty much any other type of video content


Our editing tools are designed for creating engaging social content, not films and TV shows. Our tools are build so you can make great content fast and out editor was design to be simple so no previous experience is needed.


When using VEED.IO all your projects are saved in the cloud, meaning you can continue working on your project from anywhere and share your work with friends with just one click. There is also no need to install any software.


- Subtitle Videos
- Auto Subtitle Videos
- Trim Video
- Professional video filters
- Add Image to video
- Rotate video
- Crop Video
- Add text to video
- Draw on video
- Add stickers to video
- Add subtitles via SRT file
- Add shapes to video
- Change video speed
- Caption video
- Remove audio from video
- Watermark video
- Add music to video

Our editor is used by influencers, marketers and companies large and small.

Find out more at https://www.veed.io/

Built by a team of friends. Tim, Sabba, Mate and Veljko, all in their 20's, apart from Veljko, he is 19.