Surge - Material New Tab

提供方:iFallUpHill Studios
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Surge is a simplistic new tab page designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily workflow.

Set a custom background image or have Surge select one for you from a Reddit subreddit or multireddit of your choice. Check your personalized the time, date, and weather, and keep yourself on track with the built-in to-do list. Surge also features a custom search bar that can query different websites based on your input to help speed up your searches.

• Custom search bar that searches different websites based on input
• User-settable background image
• Automatically updating background image from subreddit or multireddit source
• Built-in and user-customizable themes
• To-do list
• Weather
• Draggable Time and Date
• Quick access to Chrome Apps
• Material Design inspired styling

** Please note that after updating to version 2.0, you may have to reset your background image! **

What's New
Version 2.0
• New Feature: Select City By ZIP Code (Set your weather location by entering the ZIP code of your city)
• New Feature: Show/Hide Temperature Decimal Places (Toggle between between a more accurate or more simplistic temperature view)
• Implemented cache layer to improve background update speed and reliability
• Improved performance, efficiency, and scalability
• Please note that you may have to reset your background image after this update

Version 1.4:
• New Feature: Set Background Image Update Interval (Choose how often your background image will automatically update from the settings page)
• Improved new user experience with additional save/home buttons on the settings page

Version 1.3:
• New Feature: Main Card Styling and Themes (Switch between the built-in themes or create a custom theme of your own in settings)
• Added card styling and wallpaper preview to the settings page

Version 1.2:
• New Feature: "Ahoy!" - A Better Search Bar (Search Google by default, or type a keyword before your query to search that site instead)
• Improved performance

Version 1.1:
• New Feature: Draggable clock (Click and drag the clock to move it around; reset its position in settings)
• Improved new user experience with increased emphasis on configurables
• Added more salient cues to improve user awareness of committed actions