Downloads Router

提供方:Lars F. Karlström
评分:4.14 | 生产工具 | 17.77KiB

Latest news:
☆ Torrent files downloaded as octet-streams now trigger application/x-bittorrent MIME routing rules
☆ Referrer routing now uses the source URL as a fallback, improving reliability

Downloads Router is a tiny extension that helps you avoid cleaning the dreaded "Downloads" folder by automatically saving files in the right places.

Downloads Router springs into action whenever you start downloading a file. It looks at the filename, filetype, or origin domain (source website) of the item, and matches this information against rules that you define on the extension's Options page. Should a matching rule exist, a "suggestion" is sent to the browser, indicating where it should save the file; this suggestion may however be overridden, as for instance when you use the "Save As..." feature.

The Options page opens automatically after installing the extension, and may thereafter be reached from the chrome://extensions page.