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Pia is your voice-controlled personal assistant for the web.

Pia can be toggled on and off with the click of a button or a quick keyboard shortcut (Alt + P). Launch Pia, press the spacebar, and off you go!


- Search Google, Wikipedia, IMDB and more using simple voice commands:
"Search for Kittens"
"Search Wikipedia for Ponzi Scheme"
"Search IMDB for Titanic"
"Search Wolfram for the Integral of x squared"

- Send Emails to Friends:
"Email nick@gmail.com"

- Get Directions:
"Directions from Boston to New York City."
"Directions to San Francisco."

- Check the Weather:
"What's the weather like in Chicago?"
"What's the weather like today?"

- Open and control your Favorite Websites:
"Open Netflix"
"Open Facebook"
On Facebook: "Logout", "Go to Photos", "Go to Messages", "Go to Friends", "Go to Events"
On Google: "Go to Images", "Go to News"
On GitHub: "Logout"

- Play the latest YouTube Videos:
"Play Gangnam Style"

- Find the Perfect Movie to watch by Comparing Reviews:
"Compare Reviews for Frozen"

Get in touch! Email us at sayhellotopia@gmail.com.