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Thanks to all the Users who have helped make this extension better!


Recent History with icon in address bar:


- http://lifehacker.com/5536343/recent-history-gives-chrome-a-better-history
- http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/other/switching-to-chrome-download-these-extensions/

NOTE: Please use the latest stable version of Chrome.


This extension displays your recent history, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and recent bookmarks in a one click pop-up menu.


- Better history manager
- Change number of items
- Change width of popup menu
- Multilingual support
- Right-click history item in popup menu to copy url
- Order sections for the popup menu
- Show most visited with ability to remove specific urls
- and more...


Please help by adding better or adding more translations.

CHANGELOG: - Fixed a few bugs. Added portuguese translation (Edgar Pinto).

2.1.4 - Fixed 'hanging' issue when opening up the extension's history page (Ctrl+H). - Fixed bug in popup window for RTL languages. Thanks to al9ub7y for finding this bug.

2.1.3 - Fixed a few bugs and issues with the extension. Added new translations, Italian (Corelita), Arabic (Omar Al9ub7y) and Dutch (Tijmen).

2.1.2 - Fixed delay of popup scrollbar alignment and fixed issue of bookmark stars and tips not showing on the history page. A loading screen has been added for loading history items on the history page so that all the items and functions load up properly.

2.1.1 - Added new translations, Portuguese (Júnior Messias), Indonesian (Sahya), French (DARÉ Mathieu) and Spanish (Leo Díaz/Darkson). Fixed issue of vertical scrollbar hiding icons in the pop-up window. Fixed issue of long unresponsive loading times of the history page.

2.1 - Added new translations, Russian (The DimoK), Korean (-SuNYouNgSaRaNg-) and Chinese (jason_jiang). Better support for languages which read from right to left has been added. You can now delete history from a specific date range by opening the calendar. Dates have been added to the changelog. More sorting options have been added to the history page. A custom share pop-up has been created for better usability. You can now middle click items in the pop-up. The date format (yyyy/mm/dd) has been added. The UI of the history page has been tweaked a little to give you a better experience. Finally an fun Easter Egg has been added, can you find it?