Tab List Editor

评分:4.5 | 生产工具 | 584KiB

Like OneTab but leaner and FOSS. Named "Tab List Editor".

It started out with the idea of being a OneTab clone where I would release the
source code but immediately I found stuff I could do better and lighter than
OneTab. For example OneTab runs constantly, while this runs only when it's
called or the tab groups page is displayed. (Event pages [this] vs. persistent
background page [OneTab].)

Tabs are grouped by date. You can delete an entire groupe of tabs. When you click on "save all" a new group is created.

Options let you choose if you want to display urls and if you want to order tabs by urls.

You can also delete a single tab.

I advocate to keep only one group.

"Tab List Editor" capture only current window tab's.