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A fork of the Sexy Undo Close Tab extension, with a simpler and minimal look.

Changes and new features include:
- new option to set the page title instead of URL as the tooltip
- some UI rework done to the popup and options page
- code reworkings, mainly to facilitate the upgrade to manifest version 2
- keyboard navigation
- no ads

Updated changelog is in the extension option pages.

Retains the features of the Sexy Undo Close Tab extension.
Credits to J K of the Sexy Undo Close Tab extension.


Reason For Permission Requests:

Your data on all websites
-> WHY: This is to facilitate the content script that enables the Ctrl+Z undo function

Your tabs and browsing activity
-> WHY: Required for use of the chrome.tabs API to detect tab status and to get the tab details


Though the extension is v1.0 as there may still be bugs I've missed.
Please do feedback when something is not working, better if there are steps to replicate the problem.
Thanks :)