Multi-File Downloader

提供方:Brett Doyle
评分:4.09 | 生产工具 | 27.25KiB

Quickly and easily search and download files linked in websites.
Click the extension button (on the Chrome toolbar), filter results to only include files you want, and then download them all!

Files of any type can be found and downloaded. Any link with a valid file URL or download information will be scanned, and you can also find images and videos displayed in sites.
The resulting file list can be filtered to include or exclude files based on each URL, file name, or type.
Individual files can be downloaded on their own, or all the enabled files downlaoded at once.
Downloads can be automatically placed in a sub-folder of Chrome's downloads directory and given a custom name.

View on Github: github.com/brttd/multi-file-downloader