Youtube Video Box

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View your favorite Youtube Video playing in any tab in any window in the current tab.

If your work involves you to work on a single tab of the browser and you want to watch videos while working or you like watching videos while doing any other relevant work on the browser then you have reached at the correct destination.

From your current tab, Youtube video box will detect the tabs running youtube video in any of your Chrome browser window and will provide you options to control tab playing youtube video. Specifically it provides a "Show Video" option which will open a draggable and resizable video box on the screen which will play the running youtube video from the same time. Along with this, you will get various options to control the video box and youtube tab.

New features in this version -
* A new Chrome App with which you can view the Youtube Video on any screen of your computer. Download the App from https://github.com/shubham234/Youtube-Video-Box-App.

What's coming next -
* More options with New Youtube Video Box App.
* Whatever you will ask, we will try to do. Let us know what new feature you want.