Tab Stacks: tab menu and history search

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Tab Stacks is a vertical tab menu that helps you find the content you were looking for. Filter the tabs you have open and Tab Stacks will list the open tabs that match. If Tab Stacks can't find an open tab, it searches through your history to see if you had a tab open previously!

Tab Stacks is designed to be keyboard and screen reader accessible. Press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[K] to open the menu, start typing to filter your tabs, and use the [DOWN] arrow key to navigate to the tab you want, and [ENTER] to open that tab. You can always use your mouse as well.

You can search through your history during a tab search by pressing [CTRL+S]. You can close a tab by highlighting it in the list using the arrow keys or right-click and pressing [DELETE].

Tab Stacks is a high performance, secure, and simple extension for Chrome. Tab Stacks doesn't require you to create an account, doesn't download external files, doesn't store any information about your activity, doesn't track you in any way, and will never try to sell you something.

*** UPDATES ***

Version 1.0.6
* Improved search algorithm for both tabs and history.
* Searches much longer history time period.
* Tabs in the current window always appear at top when popup is opened (User suggestion).
* URLs for tabs appear on focus or mouseover (User suggestion).
* Engineering improvements under the hood to use Web Components for rendering.

Version 1.0.7
* Linux support for launching TabStacks from keyboard with [CTRL+SHIFT+K].
* PopupMenu now has a max-height instead of fixed height.
* Fixed bug on Windows where the scroll bar was rendered even if the tabs would not scroll.