Popout Plus

提供方:Lloyd Sparkes, Jr.
评分:5 | 生产工具 | 695KiB

This chrome extension will enable a user to maximize the functionality of Chromes Popup feature. Allows users to easily turn tabs into popups via Tiling, Cascading, clicking on the icon or using the keyboard shortcut (Alt-9). Also allows users to setup URL rules for matching specific websites in order to gain customized behavior.

This extension is able to remember a popup's previous position, width, and height depending on what settings are selected in the options page. Designed to be easy to use and comes with a detailed help section for tips & tricks.

Note: If keyboard shortcut is not working go to: chrome://extensions/shortcuts and scroll down to Popout Plus to set your own shortcut since the default might be being used by another extension.

Supported Features
- Tiling Tabs/Popups
- Cascading Tabs/Popups
- Combine All Popups
- Open Link as Popup
- Alt-9 keyboard shortcut to Toggle popup/normal (preserves tab placement/window size)
- Toggle popup/normal by clicking on POP icon
- Toggle to Tab/Popup (preserves original tab groupings, window placement, width & height)
- URL Whitelisting (uses exact URL matches and regex pattern matches)
*Supported Features:
- Always Pop
- Pop as Minimized
- Popup Dimensions based on (Last Session, Current Session, Fullscreen, or Maximized)
- Works with Normal Sessions or Incognito Sessions
- Custom Context Menus based on Session type, # of tabs/popups, and based original tab groupings


Upcoming Features Include
- Refresh All Popups from context menu
- Global Settings section in options page
- Lock Popup from context menu
- Add URL to Whitelist from context menu
- Improvements to Tiling Windows (UI, tab placement, and offset settings)
- Cascade using the Current Window dimensions
- Allow user to use custom window position|width|height from options page
- Editing Existing Site Rules (currently requires a delete and readd)
- and more improvements to come...

This is only the first release so there are plenty more features/improvements to come. See the Trello Board for a full list: https://trello.com/b/wigBDg4C/pop-popout-plus-chrome-extension