Stream Locker

提供方:Marco Bonelli
评分:5 | 生产工具 | 141KiB

Stream Locker helps you avoid the pain of watching videos in sites with clumsy players you're not familiar with and full of annoying ads and popups. Whenever you visit a blacklisted streaming site, any annoying popup is automatically blocked, and as soon as you get to the video, if compatible with HTML5, it is captured by Stream Locker and loaded in the lightweight native player of your browser, full size, in a new page without any additional element but the player, and with a set of intuitive keyboard shortcuts to play, pause, fast-forward, change volume, etc. Try Stream Locker out, and you'll never want to watch another stream online without it!

Player keyboard/mouse shortcuts:
space or mouse left click: play/pause.
F or mouse double left click: toggle full screen.
+ or mouse scroll up: volume +5%.
- or mouse scroll down: volume -5%.
→: skip forward 10 seconds.
←: skip backward 10 seconds.
↑: skip forward 30 seconds.
↓: skip backward 30 seconds.